The #1 questions of new homeschool parents is, “What curriculum should I buy?”

And my answer is…it depends. 😉

Each child learns differently. Like flowers in a garden, different types have different needs. Click To Tweet

How does your child learn best? We don’t teach courses…we teach children! That may sound silly, but the truth is that the course material serves the child, not vice versa. Basically, each child learns differently. Like flowers in a garden, different types have different needs. Some flowers like sunshine while others prefer partial shade. Some children learn well visually, but others do better with auditory instruction, and another may prefer hands-on learning (tactile). If you’re not sure what your child’s learning style is, you can download a FREE Learning Style Assessment Worksheet here. (Look for the big yellow header or watch for the pop-up offer.)

What is your child interested in learning? Isn’t life so much easier when you go with the flow? Sticking with my garden analogy, I’d have to do a lot of extra work to get my flowers to bloom in some other color…and the results would be temporary at best. If you have a child who loves animals, you’ll want to choose learning tools that help them explore and learn about what they already WANT to learn about. When your student is planted where they want to be, they’ll bloom naturally!

I wrote a short ebook, How to Teach the Way Your Child Learns, about learning styles. I’ve made it free for you today on Amazon.

Do you need a curriculum for every subject? If your state doesn’t require a written textbook for every subject, you are free to teach using any method that works well for you and your child. You can teach science in a backyard garden, in your kitchen, or at the zoo. You can teach math facts by chalking a big hop-scotch number line on the back patio. You can teach literature by asking your local librarian for a list of classics and starting with whatever looks interesting. If you don’t have to spend the extra money to chain yourself to a desk, DON’T! 🙂


Q: What curriculum should you buy?

A: Whichever one will get your child excited about learning! (And you may not need to buy anything at all.)