This Friday, I’d like to introduce you to a novel writing site.

Several years ago, I got together a group of published authors who also happened to be homeschool moms and co-op teachers. We merged our talents and perspectives and presented a free online writing blog for home schooled teens–a once-a-week online co-op class. We called it “a novel writing site” because we thought it was a novel way to teach novel writing. After four years, we reached our “happy ending,” BUT the blog is still available! The NOVELWritingSite has four years of lessons in its archives–enough to help any student learn and grow in their skills as a writer.

Writing a first novel is a wonderful, practical, hands-on way to learn language arts. Whether students write for their own enjoyment or in hopes of being published, they’ll learn about story construction, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and editing skills. Does it work? Yes! Some of our first students have actually become published authors. We don’t claim credit by any means, but what a delightful subplot! 🙂

We also discovered that in addition to the home schooled teens we expected, we attracted several adults launching out on a new learning adventure because they’d discovered they had something to say to the world. Bravo! We should have known! After all, isn’t the essence of homeschooling learning as a lifestyle for a lifetime?

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FREE EBOOK:How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

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