Can you teach creativity?

I would answer this question with a resounding, “YES!”

That’s because creativity isn’t so much about WHAT we do as HOW we think about doing it…and any child can be shown how.

Creativity isn't so much about WHAT we do as HOW we think about doing it. Click To Tweet

Now that doesn’t mean that your child is guaranteed to grow up to be a brilliant artist, composer, dancer, or actor. Those field require creativity, certainly, but at its root, creativity is the process of developing original ideas that add value. It’s the concept Walt Disney referred to as “imagineering” that helped him develop not only plots and filming techniques for his movies, but theme parks and an entire entertainment empire as well. That same quality helps a mom on a budget develop healthy and good-tasting meals for her family or inspires a gardener in the interplay of plants and outdoor forms and features. Creativity stimulates teachers to develop new ways of presenting ideas, and creativity propels people to do all the many things they do to provide for their families and make the world a better place.

Creativity springs from the ability to rephrase questions and generate multiple possible answers…and it turns out that kids are naturally very good at divergent thinking and imagining things. But during the traditional education process, that gets trained out of them. They learn that there is exactly ONE correct answer. All the others are WRONG, and FAILURE and RIDICULE lie in wait for those who think differently.

We can start the process of “teaching” our kids to be creative thinkers by teaching OURSELVES not to STOP them from being creative thinkers!

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