Usually on Fridays I blog about fun, hands-on learning activities we can do with our children. This post is no different, but there’s a little twist. You see, this week I officially announced my new how-to series for homeschool parents, AND I told you about the FREE sample lesson that’s available for a limited time. So this week the fun, hands-on ideas are more for the parents than the students, but don’t worry…the fun will trickle down, and I can almost promise that your children will be delighted.

The sample lesson, How to Enhance Learning with Sensory Layers, is short. You could easily work through it in an hour or less this weekend. It’s NOT a full course, but it’s packed with ideas that you can use right away to make a real difference in your child’s learning experience.

We easily fall into a textbook-and-lecture format because that’s what most of us experienced in traditional schools. But didn’t we pull our kids out of traditional schools because, at some level, they weren’t as effective as we wished? Why, then, would we try to recreate the same system with textbooks and lectures at home? If that system was boring or ineffective in a traditional classroom, why should it surprise us if our children find it just as boring or ineffective in a homeschool classroom?

Learning should be an adventure…but how do we make lessons both rigorous and fun?

One tip–the one I introduce in this free sample lesson–is to remember that we have five senses…five ways of gathering information about the world…five portals into our minds. A textbook gives us visual information, and a lecture enters through our ears. (Sometimes, the lecture goes in one ear and right straight out the other, eh?) There are more interesting ways of seeing and hearing, and we can also learn to appeal to the senses of touch, taste, and smell to add pops of sensory excitement. The best part is that once you grasp the concept, it becomes almost a game to think of ways to make learning more exciting. At the end of the sample lesson, I give you an easy lesson-planning worksheet AND a coupon for 30% off the next full course, How to Teach the Way Your Child Learns.

If you’re new to homeschooling, sensory learning could be that fresh new experience that convinces your children that this is going to be fun and different. And if you’re an “old pro” at homeschooling, sensory learning could be the fresh new experience that spices up your year.

If you haven’t already, please pop over and take me up on the free sample lesson. I can almost guarantee that you’ll come away with at least one bright, shiny new color for your teaching tool box! 🙂