Imagine the thrill that surged through聽my Homeschool Mama heart when our now-grown son shared聽a new word game he’d discovered. He even introduced it as an etymology game. I was so proud! 馃槈


etymology =聽et路y路mol路o路gy (藢ed蓹藞m盲l蓹j膿/)聽noun聽the study of the origins of words and the historical development of their聽meaning,

NOT entomology =聽en路to路mol路o路gy (藢en(t)蓹藞m盲l蓹j膿/)聽noun聽the branch of zoology concerned with the study of insects.

He brought home a word game, not bugs.

Back to the game:

Wordwright聽is an聽expandable card game platform that focuses on how the English language works. Players use word parts–prefixes, suffixes, and root words–and their definitions to聽make words while playing a variety of games.

I was especially impressed by the inventors’ backstory. Sounds like a couple of kids I’d like to meet!

The game is brand new–released in December 2015, I believe–and it’s produced by a cottage industry, so the website’s still under construction in places, but they seem to be doing everything top-notch. I’ve handled the card deck myself, and it’s very good quality. Even though the game rules don’t show up on the website yet, never fear–instructions are included with聽the card pack.

Sort of like a fun, hands-on version of English From the Roots Up. 馃檪 This would be VERY good practice for older students as they prepare for SATs!