This week I had the privilege of speaking as part of the Home Education Council of America‘s NOT Back to School Summit.

how-to-encourage-creative-thinkersThursday’s presentation, How to Encourage Creative Thinkers, I explained why school for so many of us consisted of “Read the text. Work the problems. Take the test.” Those three very basic introductory steps to learning are a holdover from a 19th century assembly-line model of education designed to produce competent and compliant factory workers. The “good stuff”, though, happens during the next three steps of education–the ones that can transform workers into CEOs. These higher level learning skills are seldom taught, but there’s no reason you can’t integrate them in your homeschool to encourage students to become enthusiastic learners and creative thinkers who can not only survive, but thrive!


Today I’m leading a workshop session on how to Enhance Learning with Sensory Layers. A teacher who relies only on textbooks is like an artist with only one crayon! It’s much easier to create a masterpiece when you acquire a wider range of options, so in this presentation we’ll brainstorm multi-sensory layers you can add that will make any lesson more meaningful and more memorable for your students.

If you can’t catch the original presentations, you can hear free replays for the first 24 hours (maybe a bit longer owing to the weekend), or you can join HECOA for a very modest annual fee, which will get you access to their entire archive of encouraging presentations by home education leaders from all over the country. Really, it’s like being able to hear EVERY speaking (plus many more) who comes to your state or regional home school book fair on your own schedule, as you need them, and without having to travel, find a hotel room, and figure out how to keep your kids busy. 😉

During the next few weeks, I’ll also be drawing from my presentations as I prepare blog posts. I’ll leave the freebies up on the website, too. You can sign up in the little pop-up box to receive a free PDF download of my book, How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child, and there’s a free worksheet that will help you plan multi-sensory lessons for any age and any subject offered in the yellow banner at the top. Help yourself to either or both! 🙂