Winter nights are long and some days can be dreary. Taking a “game break” can brighten the day for your family.

I recently discovered several Social Studies games that are sure to start meaningful discussions and make learning fun. Check these out!

Timeline Historical Events – From the first Crusade to the first step on the moon. For ages 8 and up.

Timeline American History – For ages 8 and up. Read the reviews, though, before you decide to purchase. Some complain that important and/or conservative facts have been left out.

Timeline Americana – For ages 8-15. Sort of a “trivia catch-all” for all things U.S.A.

Timeline Inventions – For ages 8 and up. A fun way to pique interest in history, science, or engineering.

Timeline Science and Discoveries – For ages 8 and up. Broader emphasis on science than the “Timelines Inventions” game.

Timeline Music and Cinema – From classic opera to classic rock. For ages 8-15.

Timeline Diversity – Open categories for ages 8 and up.

Each game consists of 110 cards and 2-8 people can play. The object is to set the cards in chronological order. Game time: approximately 15 minutes.

Many comment about the small size of the cards, small font, brevity of information given on the cards (you’d have to look events up to learn more), and the glaring omissions of important facts while including trivia.

Still, for the price, these could be valuable conversation-starters.