Last week I featured an eye-catching set of history games to brighten dull days.

As they say in the infomercials…”But wait! There’s more!!!” 😉

I like these games even better, and the customer reviews are much more favorable.

Chronology/The Game of All Time – For players 8 and up. This updated version of an older classic is played a little like Rack-O. Players win cards by correctly determining whether an event occurred before or after other event cards in their hand. Approximately 200 game cards are included, and come comments express frustration that eventually you will “learn them all” and the game may not be as fun. From a homeschool mom’s perspective, “learning them all” doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me. 😉 Apparently the rack is new with this version, and some players express frustration with date restrictions enforced by the rack. One solution might be to play without the rack once you get the hang of the game. Sounds fun, and the cost is reasonable.

Chronology Board Game – For ages 14 and up. I’ll confess, this one confused me. Because there is an earlier edition of the game reviewed above, I assumed at first that this was that earlier version…but apparently not. Different manufacturer. Though it is labeled as a “board game”, there doesn’t seem to be a board. The game cards come in a box, similar to Trivial Pursuits. In its favor, this game has more than twice as many cards as the game above featuring four times as many events. A slight disadvantage (to me) is that there seem to be more trivial and/or pop-culture events. (I don’t personally care so much if my children can remember when decaffeinated coffee or the bikini were invented. Much more interested in them remembering the date of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address!) Tastes vary, though, and an event that may seem trivial on its surface could still start a great discussion about the “signs of the times.” This game received the highest percentage of favorable comments, so who am I to judge? 😉

Bottom line: they both look like a lot of fun, and hey…I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas! 🙂

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