I’m excited!

I think if you knew what I’ve been working on, you’d be excited, too! 😉

I’ve been involved in homeschooling for 25 years. A quarter of a century! And in that time, I’ve observed a lot about what works well and what doesn’t work out so well.

A LOT has changed in 25 years, but some things remain constant…for example, the questions.

They’re the same year after year.

And the answers are pretty much the same year after year.

You can find the answers in a number of good places already. I wouldn’t waste time writing them again.

This is different.

What I’m working on is a series that answers the questions we SHOULD ask INSTEAD!

This latest course, which goes live this week, is a great example. (It’s part of my Homeschool How-To series.)

Homeschool parents often ask “How do I know if I’m doing enough?” or “What if I leave important things out?”

The underlying questions–the one most of us secretly fear but no one asks out loud–is “By homeschooling, is there a chance I’ll cripple my child’s future?”

THAT’s the question we SHOULD ask, so that’s the question I set out to answer in my new course, How to Encourage Creative Thinking.

And the answer? Well, fortunately, it’s easier than you think!

Like all the courses in my new series, I give you a new perspective, solid information, and tools you can begin to use immediately.

The courses are short, and the price is small. You could easily complete one in an afternoon or weekend…but what you learn might change your homeschool experience forever.

Now THAT’s something to get excited about, eh? 🙂