If you haven’t already seen the Constitution Quest Game at museum shops and homeschool book fairs across the country, it may be because they were already sold out and on backorder! This is one popular game, and once you’ve seen it you’ll understand why.

Individual players or teams (great if you have younger players) roll the dice and advance their patriot game piece, then draw a card from the stack indicated to learn about Founders & Facts or what the United States Constitution says about the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, or the Executive Branch of our government. If you’re new to the game, pull out the easier questions marked with a star and place them on top. Check your answers to the multiple choice questions on the answer key provided or look them up in the copy of the Constitution that’s also included.

An immensely flexible game, you can play for points, or until the first player completes one trip around the board, or set your timer for however much time you have set aside. Different questions will come up every time you play, and eventually you and your children will know a LOT about the Law of the Land.

I can’t say enough good things about this game. I carry it with my own curriculum when I exhibit at book fairs.

Have we ever needed Constitutional literacy more than we do today?