Remember when your Grandma let her play around in her button box?

Who knew that she was grooming you to become a great analytical thinker!

I’ll tell you how buttons and boardrooms relate in the next Monday post, but I just wanted to toss this simple exercise out now as an example of the many readiness activities and games we often overlook that are actually highly educational.

You see, to sort buttons a child has to first play a mental game of “Which of these things are alike and not alike?” That’s a GREAT analytical skill to develop!

They may next realize that there are more ways than one to decide how to sort their buttons. They might sort them by color first. Next time they might sort them by size, or by the number of holes, or by what they’re made of. I had an elderly cousin with a VERY extensive button collection–so much so that she was well-known in our county, won prize ribbons at fairs, and went around to local schools and scouting groups teaching American history using her buttons as visual aids. She sorted her buttons by the era in which they were produced and the story they told. There are many ways to sort buttons, and it’s perfectly okay to suggest some of those ways to your little one if they don’t think of it themselves. “Get the button rolling,” so to speak. 😉

As your child becomes familiar with the shapes, sizes, colors, and textures he may choose favorites and be inspired to design something using the buttons as their artistic medium. She might want to use the buttons to make a bracelet or as part of a collage, for example. This is a bonus–creativity springing from the analytical activity. (Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen for a while.)

The important thing to realize–and what we’ll talk about on Monday–is that higher-level thinking skills such as analysis can be presented to children at a very young age and can be disguised as fun! Like broccoli, THEY don’t have to know that it’s good for them…so long as you do. 😉

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